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The New Dimension Of Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate gifting has come a long way from the usual gift bags and gift hampers. A simple Google search for gift ideas online shopping in India will give a slew of results. The changing nature of businesses has ensured a change in the nuances and types of gift ideas for corporates and this sector has seen a positive growth. The range for corporate gifting has also increased. Companies are now following a trend to gift their business partners, employees and clients on various festive or special occasions like the company’s anniversary or New Year. Giving meaningful gifts shows an appreciation and gratitude towards their partners, employees and clients.

So, what are the new dimensions of corporate gifting? Find out below:

Lifestyle Products

Everybody likes to have their tea and coffee, and it has become a habit to carry at least one of these brew when going to work. A range of mugs and bottles are available at OneStopGifts for the professional on-the-go. These make a great gift idea and companies can also add a touch of personalisation with either their branding or name of the receiver. These items are well cherished and will be remembered.

Bags and More

In the modern work environment, everyone is required to carry a laptop. So why not gift a laptop bag! Laptop bags are specially made to carry the weight of it and are well padded to protect the device. A simple laptop sleeve or bag will go a long way in being appreciated. Add a label and give it a personal touch too!

On the other hand, a travel bag is another great idea. Today’s professional are also required to travel and gifting a travel bag, duffel bag or a trolley bag will not only remind your gift receiver about you, but also retains your brand. It is quite common to put your company logos on it but make it subtle as not everyone is keen to showcase it and be mistaken for being one of your team members.


Gadgets make an excellent choice of gift idea, especially at the corporate level. From a wireless mouse, pen drive, tablet, power banks, blue-tooth speakers, headsets or mobiles are some of the items which is highly appreciated by one and all.

Office Utilities

Notebooks, pens, and USB drives along with stationary holders, binder folders are some items that are not only practical but also make for a good gift idea. At OneStopGifts, there are a range of eco-friendly notebooks and stationary set that will appeal to many.

One For The Home

Your corporate gift need not necessarily belong to the office. A bit of research on your employees or clients can do wonders. A wall clock, calendar, or even carved vase shows that you care for your people and adding value to your gift idea. Nothing is more personal than gifting something which can be used in home. Keep the branding to a bare minimum though!

For The Desk Job

Apart from a table calendar, an electronic calendar or lamp with calendar display is a handy gift idea. These can be used both at home and office and are also cost effective.

Make It Quirky

How can you merge your employee’s or a client’s passion for a selfie with your corporate gift idea? Give a selfie stick. As simple as it sounds, a selfie stick still remains a popular choice as a gift idea. Tap into the youth demography of your workplace and see the result. One can also gift a car charger with multiple USB ports for a professional to plug in their USB to listen to their choice of music in car and charge their phone at the same time! Blue-tooth speakers are also a good option!

To sum up, the range of corporate gift ideas has gone beyond the traditional sweet packages and gift hampers to include new devices and products that can be used on a daily basis. Knowing what ticks your employees or client will save a lot of hassle in figuring out the type of products to gift. Many of the mentioned items are pocket-friendly when bought in bulk and will be cherished.

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