Corporate Gift Ideas

10 Best Corporate Gifting Ideas for Clients & Employees

Corporate gifts are a good way to show your validation and appreciation towards your employees and clients. A variety of corporate gifts can be purchased in India and going online will give a range of options and prices. It is important to choose the right gifts so that it stands out from the crowd and at the same time remains true to your brand.

While purchasing any corporate gifts, remember who the receiver is going to be and buy items accordingly as what might be appropriate for an employee might become embarrassing for a client. A company’s policy on gift giving must also be factored in before embarking on this journey.

Furthermore, corporates usually think of such gifts during festive occasions, company’s milestone, anniversary or simply to celebrate birthday of their employees. Same holds true for a client as well.

Here are 10 memorable gift ideas for clients and employees:


Notebooks and diaries are often the first choice when it comes to corporate gifting and one cannot go wrong here. At OneStopGifts, you can find eco-friendly notebooks which does not hurt the pocket and friendly towards the environment. Some notebooks and diaries are leather bound and are great for client gifting.

Planners and Organisers

Similar to a diary, these notebook comes packed with a strong binding and is great for Sales, HR and Marketing people in your workplace. These books come with dates and sheets marked for notes and are easy to carry around too.

Home Décor

Corporate gifts need not be just for the office. Items for an employee or client’s home is also appreciated and gives a feeling of taking relation to the next level. From wall clocks to flower vase, curios and figurines not only decks up their abode but also becomes a memorable gift purchase.

For The Desk

These days, a lot of people work in front of a computer and adding a bit of suave to their work desk, with desktop pen holders, desk clock, stationary holders are practical and has a utility. Such gifts won’t be inappropriate and companies gifting these can also emboss their branding if needed.


Even with the age of smart phones, one is always looking around their work when asked about a particular and which day it falls in. Wall calendars and desk calendars are ever traditional and practical, plus many come with inspiring quotes, photo collections, collage, etc that are visually appealing and brightens up the work site.

Bottles And More

No office space is complete without a tea and coffee dispenser. Plus, the professionals of today are always on the go and require their morning brew to start the day. Gift coffee mugs, sippers and tumblers which are leak-free, sturdy and keeps the beverage cold or warm depending on the brew. It is practical and will be remembered by your employee and clients.


Everyone loves getting some electronic device for work and play. From headsets to USB drives, external hard drive, mouse, laptop, VR lens, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your budget. You can even customize the shape of the USB drives which is quite sought after and remains memorable.

Succulents Are Good

Money plants, succulents, kitchen herbal plants are good options too when it comes to corporate gifting. One does not need to have a green thumb in maintaining these plants and they only beautify (and in some cases, purify) the residential environment. If it’s a small succulent, it can be kept in office too and adds a bit of green to the place.

Photo Frames

Nothing is more personal and neutral than gifting photo frames. In the digital age, it is only appropriate to print out your most cherished memories in pictures and these gifts will certainly add this emphasis. Will be most appreciated by both your employees and clients. Keep it elegant, keep it simple.

Gift Hampers

The traditional gift basket/hamper is a sure way to be remembered. Ensure perishable items such as fruits are in bare minimum as you do not wish to gift spoilt and rotten food items.

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